This ’68 Charger Has A V10 Viper Engine And Over 500 Horsepower
Written by Alex Harrington

At the Good Guys 2021 Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals Car Show in Del Mar, California, the YouTube channel Restomods just showcased some stunning and real resto-modded classics. The one vehicle that stood out to them was a 1968 Dodge Charger.

Famous in the Fast and Furious segment, the Charger is Dom Toretto’s signature ride, but this one isn’t just a normal, bog-standard Charger. This one is painted bright green, and sitting under the bonnet is a V10 engine and transmission from a Dodge Viper. This is the Viper-Charger, and the man behind the original build is Ray Garner.

A Dodge Charger rolling in to a classic car show is nothing special. Even if it’s in gleaming green with metallic flecks. But seeing a 1968 Dodge Charger wearing an SRT10 badge is something different.

After he had seen the car, the crew asked Ray Garner to give a brief history of it and he stated that originally, he had received the Charger from Texas. It was rusted but still drove. Garner also said that he was disappointed in the vehicle at first and left it in his garage. One day, he took his son and some

“Hey, let’s put a Viper in it,” his son suggested when Garner was considering a cheap Hemi 440. And the rest, as they say, is automobile history.

He got a 2002 Viper engine – second gen – with 7,000 miles on the clock. He would have spent more money on a V8 had he bought one, but he was able to get this for just $7,000 for both the engine and transmission.

The Chargers were torn down to fit the V10, but once Garner set his mind to it, there was no stopping him. According on Garner, the engine produces 527 horsepower at the flywheel and 450 horses at the rear.

The front seats are non-Mopar, however they come from a 2006 Plymouth GTO and are electric. The dash is also unique in that it’s made of carbon fiber, which comes from the waste materials of Garner’s brother’s work for space firm.

Most of the other interior components were preserved. As he said, “the idea was to keep the purity of the car while making it modern and fun to drive.” I just admit, they pulled it off.

With so much power being pushed to the rear wheels, a number of changed were made to handle the horses this Viper engine throws out. The suspension was uprated, as was the exhaust, and larger brakes were employed at each corner to keep these horses in check.

To match the new engine, Garner’s wife chose a new paint colour after seeing it on a 2011 Dodge Challenger. It’s called ‘Green with Envy’, and it works perfectly.

The car’s won several awards, but if performance is your interest then 0-60mph comes in just 3.99 seconds. And of course, it sounds the part, too.


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