This Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Restomod Is An Electric Conversion Done Right
Written by Alex Harrington

What makes the perfect build? That’s one question we’re trying to answer as we here at Sung’s Garage look further into the world of motoring. I don’t think any of us know the answer, but that won’t stop us showing you some possible examples, with the first one being this gorgeous Alfa Giulia GT restomod by Totem Automobili.

It’s wide, it’s stanced, and, guess what? It’s electric.

Yes, this classic Alfa has had its 192 horsepower, 1.6-litre block ripped out from under the bonnet and replaced with 50.4kWh battery pack. This powers a mid-mounted motor that gives this 1,410kg car a rather frightening 518 horsepower.

It’s no surprise then that to withstand this kind of power, 90% off the original chassis has to be altered after the car’s initial stripdown, and the suspension undergoes an overhaul to be able to manage the sharp movement of bodyweight under this new-found acceleration. The front corners are given a MacPherson suspension setup and the rears an aluminium multilink setup connected to a new rear subframe. Manually adjustable Bilstein dampers sit at each corner.

But wait, I haven’t indulged you in the numbers, yet. 0-62mph comes in at just 3.4 seconds, and with the go pedal planted, it will top out at 152mph. And thanks to a low weight of just over 1,400kg, the range is equally as impressive at 224 miles on a single charge. But c’mon, who wouldn’t be able to stay off the accelerator long enough to reach that figure?

Inside the car, you sit within an abundance of high quality leathers and woods while being treated to modern amenities such as electric windows, air-conditioning, and keyless-go technology. Its exterior also gets an update with angel eye LEDs front and back, wider and more aggressive arches, and dished wheels that hark back to the car’s original era.

While the all-electric powertrain may provoke some, I believe its a tasteful, innovative way of rekindling the love for a classic icon. And it has a drift button. Who can say no to a drift button?


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