This Datsun 280Z With Only 34K Miles Could Be Yours

With Nissan recently showing us its new Z Proto, all eyes are now fixed on everything from the Z history of sports cars. That’s why, when we found this 1978 Datsun 280Z on eBay, we needed to show you guys.

It’s currently listed for $49,000 and boasts a very low mileage of just 34,000. In fact, it’s only been owned by one person, and that owner has kept it tucked away in a garage since 1990. To us, this seems like a great waste of a good car. But this also gives someone very lucky the opportunity to put some serious miles on such a model.

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As you can see from the photos, this bright yellow Z looks incredible for a car over 40 years old. Those black stripes are original, and the 14-inch magnesium wheels are very rare, as is rust when it comes to the bodywork- there doesn’t seem to be any.

Inside is the same story: immaculate. Everything works and there are none of the too often found tears and cracks in the dashboard. It is like new, and damn is it making me want to put some money down onto it to so I can show it the open road. Especially as it’s recently had a mechanical refresh, which included a new fuel pump, new fuel injectors and a “full fuel system overhaul” where the fuel tank was dropped and cleaned by the pros. A new master cylinder sits under the bonnet, as does a new clutch pump, and four new tyres sit proudly at each corner.


It runs like a dream, according to the eBay listing, with the 2.8-litre engine pushing what originally was 170bhp through the four-speed manual gearbox.

Well… let us at it!

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