This Important Scene With Jordana Brewster Was Cut From Fast and Furious 9
Written by Alex Harrington

An important scene between Jordana Brewster’s character Mia Toretto was cut from the theatrical version of  Fast 9 as it was released to cinemas earlier this year. However, thanks to the Director’s cut that is being released in digital form now, fans will be able to see this special moment.

It was, in fact, the first scene Jordana filmed for the latest film, and shows her taking over the parenting of Little Brian, Dom Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) son, as he and Letty leave for another mission.

“As an actor, it’s really hard to hear from the director, ‘That scene’s not making it in the cut,'” Brewster told Insider during a press day for the film’s digital release. “You kind of go, ‘Wait. Why? What did I do wrong? I don’t understand. What was wrong with it?'”

From what we can see, there was nothing wrong with this scene, and actually answers the question as to what happened to Little Brian when his parents left to track down Mr Nobody after his distress call. This scene covers Dom calling his sister, who later arrives to take care of the boy. She also momentarily mentions her partner, Brian (Paul Walker).

Director Justin Lin was asked about this scene, and admitted that it was a tough decision to cut it.

“I probably drove Jordana crazy,” he said, as he revealed he’d not been sure whether to cut the scene or not.

“We did this scene and I’m like, ‘Man. We gotta get going, but let’s shoot it,'” Justin said. “When we cut it together, I called Jordana and I said, ‘You’re amazing in this scene, I’m putting it back in.’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah.'”

“Then I kept playing with it and ultimately I knew that the extended cut was going to live and I felt like for pacing purposes, I had to take it out. So that was the consolation,” he admitted. “That was one that I struggled with.”

Obviously, the pacing of the film in the theatrical release was something Justin was focussing on during the initial edit. But Jordana wasn’t annoyed that the scene was temporarily left on the cutting room floor.

“Ultimately, when I saw the film, I was like, that totally makes more sense to introduce me later on,” Jordana told Insider.

“I was bummed because, you’re right, that idea of Dom and Letty hiding out and me visiting them and I filled them in on what Brian is doing, it was sad to let that go,” she noted, “but I’m really happy that the audience gets to see it now.”

A second scene of Mia was also edited into the extended version, with it showing off more of the travelling between Mia and her sister-in-law, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). And while I can understand the removal of the first scene, the latter would have been nice to see with Jordana and Michelle getting so little screen time together in the previous films. A more fleshed out relationship between the characters would have been ideal, but I trust that Justin knows what he’s doing.

“When people want to watch ‘Fast’ from the first to the last, the extended cut is going to be what’s considered in canon because it’s going to answer a lot more questions,” Lin said. Well, we better get watching, as F9: The Director’s Cut is now available to own on digital and Blu-ray from today.


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