This Mazda Miata Rocker Cover Restoration Is Extremely Satisfying

In these difficult times, a lot of us have resorted to projects while we’re stuck at home. In an attempt to find new things I could do to my car, I found this extremely satisfying video on YouTube of someone painting a Mazda Miata’s engine rocker cover. The thing is, he doesn’t just give it a quick wipe and a spray, the man behind Really Random Channel strips the whole thing down only to build it back up again.

In what is simply described as a pursuit of perfection, the part is stripped down entirely and cleaned. What was initially black becomes a shining silver as the oil residue is removed. Next, the outside of the rocker cover has a proper going over with a wire brush and Dremel to remove any surface rust and dirt, before a final sanding before the painting begins.

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The metal is primed with metal primer and high build primer, and then patiently, the dry paint is wet sanded to improve the final product. I must admit, I’d be happy to leave it here, but in the quest for perfection, the work continues.

A deep, glossy red is sprayed onto the readied surface, and before the finishing clear coat is applied, the paint is sanded off of the raised letters to reveal the metal beneath.

Now the paint part of the process is finished, the gasket is applied and the part is reassembled, and wow once it’s finished does it look the part. As a comment on the video says, that rocker cover has a better paint job than my car, and I’m very jealous because me, having a younger car, has a plastic engine cover.

What have you done to your car over this crazy time? Let us know in the comments section below!

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