‘Track Mode’ Is The New Car Show You Need To Watch If You Love Cars
Written by Alex Harrington

There’s a definite lack of car shows out there at the moment. The Grand Tour has been locked away behind an Amazon Prime subscription, Top Gear is thriving but limited to minimal shows per year, and a spattering of small but not too interesting shows are left for Sky and other TV subscriptions. But if you take a look at YouTube, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people making quality car content for us to absorb. Today, I want to tell you about a new car show that you need to watch if you have even a smidge of an interest in cars.

This show’s called Track Mode, and it’s presented by professional racing drivers Abbie Eaton and Jorge Calado who are on a mission to not only bring us incredibly cinematic shots of some of the best tracks in the world, but also their own professional opinions and, most importantly, lessons in how to drive each of them to squeeze out your very best lap time.

Episode 1 starts at Donington Park, which holds specific importance to Abbie who here won her second MX5 Cup Championship. While she didn’t race it due to her car being hit earlier in the race, she had managed to grab the fastest lap, meaning she got the points needed to close the deal on the championship. The episode continues with a history of the British track before they step into an Aston Martin Vantage AMR, which simply looks stunning in its Cinnabar Orange paint job.

After some more history, Jorge talks us through the corners while warming up the British sports car, and before you know it, they’re sending it around the track and showing us exactly how it’s done. Plenty of oversteer later and some flashing (of the headlight kind), they give us a power lap with Jorge shouting the directions.

Episode 2 sees a similar structure, but this time the duo takes on Cadwell, the Mini Nurburgring of Lincolnshire in the UK.  We’re treated to blisteringly gorgeous video work of the picturesque track an some more fast driving as the drivers take on the agile, mid-engined Lotus Exige 430 Cup.

Thanks to the talents of Abbie, Jorge, and the British sports car, they’re easily able to dispatch other high-performance cars such as a Porsche 911 GT3 all while giving us feedback on how the car feels and they’re exploits of the circuit.

If you’re into cars, want to learn a bit more, or simply want to listen to the road of some high-output engines for a few minutes, this is definitely the show that you’ll want to be watching.

Where do you want to see them go next, and what car should they be driving?


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