Watch The Nissan Z Proto (400Z) Debut On Sung’s Garage
Written by Alex Harrington

Finally, the day has come where we can feast our eyes on the new Z sports car from Nissan thanks to the marque’s digital reveal later today. It will take place on YouTube at 8:30PM Eastern time (0:30AM GMT, September 16th), and will hopefully not only reveal the new design, but reveal the new specifications, too, which will hopefully be passed onto the next production Z, rumoured to be named the 400Z.

As I’ve already discussed many times on Sung’s Garage, the new Z car is said to be powered by the 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 taken from the Infiniti Q60, which is said to produce around 400 horsepower. This power figure is, obviously, reflected in the nomenclature, 400Z. This makes a change from the previous 370Z which was named due to its 3.7-litre engine size.

The chassis is rumoured to be based on the 370Z chassis, but revamped for the new generation of Z. From the outside, it’s taken on retro styling with its rear lights reflective of the 300ZX design, and a long bonnet like the 240Z.

The next Z is likely to be found in dealers either next year or even, more likely, the year after that. Following this, it’s rumoured that a NISMO version will be released with even more performance.