What Makes This $124,240 Datsun 240Z The Most Expensive Ever Sold?

Back in June last year, a Datsun 240Z sold for $124,240 on Bring A TrailerThat makes it the most expensive 240Z ever sold. If you hadn’t noticed, here at Sung’s Garage we quite like a well-sorted 240Z, so in this article, we want to talk about what makes this old Japanese sports car worthy of its tremendous price tag.

The 240Z was originally sold for less than $5,000 when it first hit the market in 1969. Since then, they’ve not only become legendary sports cars, but they’ve become rather expensive. In the UK currently, a specimen approaching 100,000 miles is pushing upwards of £15,000. This one here is almost ten times that.

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But why? Well, in the ’90s it was resprayed with the original factory paint. Since then it made its home in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In ’98 it was featured during the induction of former Nissan USA president Yutaka Katayama into the Automotive Hall of Fame. And if that wasn’t enough, it was used as the basis of the Franklin Mint scale model which featured the identical chassis number.

Inside featured black vinyl sprawled across the seats with diamond-quilted side panel covers. The steering wheel is trimmed in wood to match the gear shift lever, and it’s 2.4-litre straight-six has only been strained to 33,000 miles. That’s very low for a car that’s fifty years old.

Originally, the car produced an adequate 151 hp at 5600 rpm and 146 lb-ft of torque. This was plenty at the time, especially compared to the car’s weight which stands at just slightly over a tonne, and enabled the driver to have plenty of fun while not breaking road rules. Obviously, with a few modifications, you could increase the power levels quite easily.

What really makes this car shine, however, is the quality of the chassis. There’s not a spot of rust and the engine bay is cleaned to perfection. Again, for a fifty-year-old car born in Japan, this is quite a rarity. But is it really worth the six-figure price tag? We’re unsure, but would love to know the details behind the story of this old-timer.

Let us know your thoughts, and we’ll try and get some more info on this brilliant little car.

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