What To Watch (Bite-Sized Edition): Of Toilet Paper and Country Music

I don’t know how much of our fanbase has an overlap with the fanbase of the 1984 film BREAKIN’, but if there is one – however small! – you’ll be psyched with how this bite-sized W2W starts. In this segment, Sung checks in with the rest of the Garage crew, delving into toilet paper usage; Asian people’s relationship to country music; and our weekly recommendations.

Toilet (Habit) Humor

Reflecting on the changes in routine prompted by the Coronavirus, Sung stokes a discussion about bathroom tendencies during this pandemic. After dropping some nuggets of trivia about his old neighborhood (Sung lived on a West Hollywood street where James Dean used to live and had Houdini’s dog buried in his courtyard!), he rolls the conversation over to the matter of toilet paper usage.

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My personal stance is that TP is one of the few things where buying name brand is worth it. You’re sitting on your butt all day; it deserves to be pampered! Sung shares his preference of wrapping sheet after sheet around his hand before doing the dirty – in the process, he ruins my mental image of mummies forever. Anderson, ever the civilized one, stans his recent purchase of a bidet, reminding everyone that the degree of cleaning is directly related to the food consumed.

Asian Breaky Hearts

The most I’ve ever listened to country music was when I took a Music History class in college, and even that just couldn’t make a dent in my tastes. In this conversation, Sung explores the reception of country music in Asian communities.

David recollects how Johnny Cash stealthily brought country into his rock sound, and Anderson shares how his cousins raised in the south carry a deep appreciation for the genre. Sung foregrounds the discussion reminiscing about growing up with his family in Georgia.

Crew Recs

This week, David drops some high praise for NBC comedy PARKS AND RECREATION, which is objectively better than the NBC OFFICE.

OFFICE stans – fight me!


Cory presents the double feature of LIFEFORCE and UNDER THE SKIN, with enough energy-feeding aliens to keep you awake all night.



You’ll wanna close your blinds before you go to bed tonight!




Anderson gives a shout to the Hulu original NORMAL PEOPLE, in case you wanna balance some of the sci-fi with a shot of Irish romance.

They look normal to me.

And if you don’t know me by now, be surprised by my endorsement for the second season of Hulu horror series CASTLE ROCK.

Stephen King gumbo!

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