What To Watch: Movie That Made Us Cry & Being Star Struck

Everyone here at the Garage is, without exception, in love with movies and television. It’s only natural, then, that those things move us to tears – that seeing the people who contribute to the magic can leave us speechless. In this mini-W2W, the crew bares a little bit of their souls discussing times in our lives we experienced such moments.

Jerkin’ Tears

I’d like to believe all my sides are sensitive, but my most emotional movie moment probably came from watching the anime film GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES. Based on a semi-autobiographical book of the same name, the film follows two Japanese children separated from their parents in the midst of World War II. It easily caused the most crying from me than any Blockbuster rental ever did.

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Get the tissues ready.

SK the man cited a film from SK the country with TRAIN TO BUSAN. An action-horror film taking place almost entirely in one setting (I’ll let you guess where), T2B has a cast full of memorable characters. Without spoiling anything, Sung got shook by the scene with the two sisters. He reckons the movie made him cry 3 times.

Anderson flashed back to his senior year of high school with his choice of THE JOY LUCK CLUB. As the first film he was excited about for depicting Asian-American life, TJLC blindsided him, having never read the book and being unaware of any part of the story. Seeing it with friends, Anderson, along with his entire group, ended up bawling before the film was over.

Cory opted for a Blockbuster rental as well: the 1989 period piece GLORY with Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick. He never cried before, but the scene when the black Union regiment charges the fort got Cory shook.

And David – well, I think he didn’t get a chance to answer. And now I’m crying!

Deer in the Starlight

Most of us have the one artist or actor who’d leave us speechless if we encountered them. Sung’s happens to be Gary Coleman. The actor’s importance to him lies not in Gary’s craft, but in the fact that Sung grew up watching him – in everything from DIFFERENT STROKES to “hella TV movies.” With those performances, Sung lived vicariously through those characters.

Though few stars came through his home state of Hawaii, David still had his starstruck moment when he met Ernie Reyes Jr. A martial artist who was in everything from THE LAST DRAGON to TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES to THE RUNDOWN, he now has a daughter that Sung acts opposite of in one of his upcoming films (SCOOP!)

In 2000, at Times Square, a younger Cory was trying to get tickets to a Broadway show when countless women in the crowd around him erupted into rapturous frenzy. Of all the people to find at the center of the hubbub, Cory found a post-Monica Lewinsky Bill Clinton. The crew discusses how differently the former US President would’ve been received if his scandal occurred post-#MeToo.

Bill Clinton, seen here having a bad take on Black Lives Matter.
The master.

For my choice, I opted for someone behind the camera: South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook. Director of the VENGEANCE TRILOGY and THE HANDMAIDEN, he was one of the directors that left an impression on me in my youth. At a Q&A for his brutally unflinching film SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE, my dad got me to overcome my timidity and I snagged an autograph and picture!

And Anderson – well, I guess he was the odd one out this time!

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