WHAT TO WATCH: Movie Theaters as Church
Written by Alex Harrington

As the United States percolates with anger from centuries of civil unrest, it becomes all the more important for the more vulnerable of us to stay indoors. Compounded by the ever-present threat of Coronavirus, it becomes almost imperative to find a place isolated from all of the goings of the world.

For the crew here, the Garage is a sanctuary, and this time around, we got together to discuss another such sacred place.

The Movie Mass

For this week’s WHAT TO WATCH, the gang reflected on the sacredness of the movie theater, chatting about our first experiences in the temple to celluloid.

From discovering Run Run Shaw films to attending a show of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, Sung, David, Cory, Anderson, and I reminisce about moviegoing in the Before Times. We cover concessions stand treats, FINISHING THE GAME, and even FLESH GORDON.

And no – that was not a typo.

Striking Stars and a Round of Recs

On top of all that, our intrepid band of misfits wax about our memorable real-life celebrity encounters. Everyone’s got that entertainent figure that’d stop ’em in their tracks, and we here drop some perhaps-unexpected choices. Ernie Reyes Jr., Bill Clinton, and Park Chan-wook are probably three people you never expected to appear in the same sentence, but it’s 2020 and here we are!

Of course, it’d be remiss of us not to drop some recommendations for y’all as ya hunker down at home, so – as always – expect some home media guidance at the end of the podcast from your friends here at the Garage!

Thanks for Reading!

A big shout to our frontline and essential workers out there helping this chaotic world keep spinning! To all the protesters fighting the good fight, stay safe and help each other out!


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