What We Know About The Nissan 400Z So Far – The Future Of The Fairlady
Written by Alex Harrington

As you’ve seen on this site, Sung Kang is a huge fan of the Nissan 240Z. His own 240, the FuguZ, not only wowed fans at SEMA 2015, but its story stretched far across the globe bringing enthusiasts together for what ended up being a community build. Lifelong friendships were created and stories were written. Now, Nissan has revealed details about the new upcoming 400Z that continues the Fairlady heritage, so let’s dig into what the next chapter holds.

Now expected to be fully revealed in 2022 for the market of 2023, the 400Z embraces retro styling from the 240Z era as we spotted in the foggy view of Nissan’s future product preview last May (video below). Its long bonnet returns with muscled, animalistic hips balancing out its front to rear proportions. And a sloping rear end sets in stone its sporty intentions. It looks small, and this will hopefully be reflected in a low weight for play over all-out performance.

To lower its cost, rumour has it that Nissan is going to base this car on the same platform as the 370Z (and therefore the Infiniti Q50 and Q60), and while this doesn’t fill us with excitement, we can be assured that the Japanese marque will have emptied its years of racing and sports car history into this chassis. After all, this is a namesake that means far too much to get wrong.

Tucked between its two front wheels will likely sit a twin-turbo V6 from the Infiniti Q50, but unlike the potent GT-R that produces almost 600bhp, it’s likely to produce a more sedate 400 for the rear wheels to chew on. As I’m sure you’re already thinking – this car is going to rip, and we can only hope for a manual version, although an auto ‘box is more likely.

– Nissan A to Z, featuring the 400Z

Inside I’m hoping for a little more style over the outgoing 370Z to match its compelling exterior. But I’m sure there won’t be a lack of technology and infotainment, especially compared to the outgoing model which is now reaching 14 years old and started showing its age long before today.

As you can tell, we here at Sung’s Garage are very excited about the new Fairlady. But we’ve got one question: If we did get our hands on one, what would you like us to do with it?