What’s Your Dream Car And What Would You Do With It?

I woke a few months ago feeling puzzled. I’ve been a petrol head since I can remember, and I’ve always lusted after the latest, fastest motorcar. But now I’m getting older and my tastes have become more defined and specific, I often look away from supercars and instead focus on older, more story-driven wheels.

A new car off the lot doesn’t excite me as much as, say, a car that’s been passed through a family, loved and cared for by its owners, and traveled the country in search of excitement. Maybe I’m just getting boring, but I have always had a dream to buy an old Citroen 2CV from somewhere out in the sticks of France and bring it back home after putting it through its paces on some of France’s best roads and through its tiniest of towns.

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But is the 2CV my dream car? No, I don’t think so.

So instead I turn to the faster stuff. An R34 Skyline? Supra? Maybe an old American muscle car that has an engine larger than than the car I learned to drive in. I wouldn’t say no, but I certainly wouldn’t call those dreams.

– my own shoddy photography back when I used to drive the thing

But a couple of weeks ago I woke up and looked out my window after having an epiphany. I own a rather crappy Lexus IS200. It has a 2.0-litre inline-six producing little over 150hp and has been sat on my drive not doing anything for about 10 months now. I’ve since moved on to a diesel wagon while I do up my house (it’s perfect for journeys to the local hardware store), so the Lexus has just sat there gathering dust.

Today, I’ve decided that I’m going to create a track car out of the poor thing. I’ve owned it for many years and I’ve always wanted it to be more than it is, so I’m pulling out the interior, setting it up with some nice suspension, and welding the rear differential. That’s right, I’m going to learn how to drift.

That’s my dream. And yes it’s not overly flashy with my slow saloon, but I can’t wait to make some memories with a few mates around a battered old Japanese car.

What’s your dream car?

We can’t wait to read your dreams in the comments below. Tell us what car you want and what you want to do with it!


  1. Hey fellow car lovers, my dream car would have to be a Nissan skyline gtr r34 with a nice bayside blue for its finish. I would have to do it from scratch though because you definitely don’t get that new project car feeling when you buy it! Hopefully I get to my goal soon 🤞

  2. 99 nissan skyline gtr r34 That year had the 6 speed. I would show it off in show after show with the occasional cruise for play with my wife and children!

  3. My dream cars which i owned for a couple of months before my brother totaled one and blew the engine on the other are a 91 pontiac firebird and 1980 ford mustang…loved racing those on the freeway when no one was i have a Mazda 636 sitting around with a blown tranny due to a bad mechanic.



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