What’s Your Favourite Fast And Furious Car?

Original Fast Supra

I grew up watching the very first Fast and Furious film, and as soon as a young, teenage me slid that DVD into the player and pressed play, I was hooked. Back then, things were very different. Cars had neons shining underneath their chassis, and they were covered in what would now be considered cheesy graphics and aftermarket logos. But back in the late ’90s and 2000s, that was the coolest you could get. And I miss it.

So I now look back on those cars I loved from the first movie, and with Sung buying his pipedream car in the form of a Buick Grand National from Fast 4, I’m wondering what my favourite Fast and Furious car would be.

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There’s the obvious choice: Brian’s 2JZ-powered Toyota Supra. But that’s too obvious. And to be honest, I’m not such a fan of the car (I know, shoot me). For me, it would have to be between the Mitsubishi Eclipse that was destroyed in the first portion of the movie, or Dom’s Mazda RX-7, and who can say no to a rotary?

It did it all for me, that Supra. It looked the part with its red and silver colour scheme, and the pop-out nitrous button was James Bond levels of cool. And it certainly sounded the part, with not just the boosted rotary engine (actually an overdubbed 2JZ engine sound), but a full sound system in the rear. Of course, any real racing car would have that pulled out to save on weight, but this was The Fast and the Furious we’re talking about.

It was rented from a guy called Keith Imoto who was a private owner, and with a host of upgrades by him and the Fast team, it was making around 300 horsepower at the wheels and expected to run high 12s on the quarter-mile. Unfortunately, the nitrous system was fake, and built from a mix of scuba diving and plumbing parts.

Sung later drove an RX-7 in Tokyo Drift which was modified with a Veilside Fortuna bodykit, and that yet again captured my heart and I was forever trying to find someone who would not only sell me the car, but sell me the kit, too. But, alas, this was a mere pipedream.


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  1. I am an enthusiast who loves the cars of the 90s Japanese and ponycar of the 70s, so it is a difficult decision, but without a doubt the supra carries some beautiful lines and white is my favorite

  2. i’m brazilian and i live in los angeles, but i’m a big fan of the fast and furious franchise and i came to the sung instagram website, this is amazing, and my favorite car is the Skyline R34 for fast and furious 2, i’m in love with this car, but I’ve never seen one before, I hope to see you at a car meeting soon, and I’m also a sung fan

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