Your Car My Car: A Family Member on Wheels
Written by Alex Harrington

As the pandemic cases are back on the rise, it’s important to put our energy and passion into things that bring out joy. Today’s episode is a prime example of how seemingly inhuman things can bring us life. Sometimes when we talk about our cars and how much time we spend with them, it’s almost like describing a family member. When we listen to our two international guests on this weeks’ Your Car My Car, Lindsay and Danielle sound like they are talking about someone very dear to them. 

Uncle Ute

Lindsay is from Orange, New South Wales, Australia works as an occupational therapist who specialises in working with children. He runs an early intervention program teaching social emotional skills to young ones; an especially critical job during these times when kids have a lot of questions about the pandemic. 

While Lindsay has a nice collection of cars, the one that he always gravitates towards is his AU Ford Falcon, aka “Uncle Ute”, (short for utility but really…Uterus!). Compared to the U.S., the Ford Falcons in Australia are different in that the back half is more of a pickup bed. FUN FACT: According to Aussies, the Falcon’s are known as one of the ugliest cars ever made. So what’s the draw for Lindsay? Even though they get a bad wrap, they are extremely reliable with a straight six engine. Lindsay uses it for everything: towing Mitsubishi car projects, camping trips with his family, or hauling everything like a workhorse. His Falcon has two special features that tug at Sung’s heartstringsa purple JDM gear shifter and a kangaroo roll bar (an apparent necessity in Australia).


Danielle is from the U.K., about an hour outside of London. She is completing her last year of her veterinary medicine degree at her university. Utilizing her expertise, Danielle gives Sung some great advice on how to emotionally take care of his dog Daeji. 

She drives a 1989 Mini Mayfair, aka “Monty”, which is her first classic car. Monty is customized with Danielle’s creative flair, which includes a skull gear shifter and racing stripes done with a spray can and tape. Monty has an Austin 998Z engine which gives plenty of power for a fun drive. The cool and odd thing (for an American, that is) that Sung noticed is that everything in the engine bay is sideways. The engine sits sideways and the radiator actually sits on the right side of the engine bay. I guess those Brits always have to be unique.  

Clean Engine Bay Equals Clean Underwear Drawer

It’s no secret that Sung has a thing for cleaning, so much so that he’s accidentally vacuumed up his own car parts. So when he noticed that Uncle Ute and Monty’s engine bay looked nice and tidy, he shared an insider secret:

“You can tell a lot about a person on how clean under the hood looks like. It tells me if you have a clean or messy underwear drawer.” In this case, it could be safe to assume that both Lindsay and Danielle have pretty organized underwear drawers. 

Once again, technology shows us the reach and power it has to communicate with anyone in the world. It also has the power to allow us to step away from all the negativity going on in the world, by meeting awesome people doing awesome things for the world and, of course, sharing their awesome cars. It’s pretty awesome!!!


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