Your Car My Car: Family Goals
Written by Alex Harrington


With how new cars are being built, the younger generation’s opportunity to wrench is fleeting. So when Angelo Angeles started to teach his kids about cars, it was more than just passing down the knowledge. He wanted to build the foundation for his family to share a common passion. Angelo’s passion goes as far back to when he was five years old in the Philippines playing with a matchbox car he got for Christmas. An introduction to rotary cars and hanging out with friends in Los Angeles’ street racing scene sealed his passion for life. Today, it’s amazingly clear how his love and passion for cars has rubbed off to his two kids, Julian and Farrah.  

Ube Cakes

This beautiful 1981 Toyota Starlet has not only history, but some swagger to it too. When Angelo started building this car back in the early 2000’s, his son Julian’s only memory is that it was grey with the same Watanabe wheels (FYI – Sung wants to steal these Wats). When Angelo gave this car to his son Julian, he had the intention of making the Scarlet a track car. It’s gone through many modifications, namely a roll cage, harness seat belts, and turning it bright purple giving it that pinoy flare. As Julian turns 16 this year and getting his license, he’ll be on the road much more.

1981 Toyota Scarlet aka “Ube Cakes”

Ube Cake’s engine had a journey of its own. Julian and Angelo hand packed the 96 pound engine from the Philippines in three check in luggages, paying $200 extra for weight fees. It holds very dear to them because this engine is from a racing legend in the Philippines: Pablo Ko aka “Mang Atong”. Extremely hard to find, this TRD 4K upright engine was built for the Starlet TDR (Toyota Racing Development) race cars. So hauling it from Asia to put into Ube Cakes was definitely worth it.


When Angelo was considering trading his Mazda rotary pickup truck for this 1972 Morris Mini C 1275GT, his daughter Farrah saw how cute the Mini looked and knew she had to have it. Keeping in mind that Angelo wanted to teach his daughter Farrah whose soon to turn 12 more about cars, he made the trade and eventually wants to have it for autocross. After seeing the tour of Sage, you can see how it’s mixed with Pinoy, British, and JDM flavor. Farrah, who is about to turn 12 years old, is excited for her dad to teach her to drive this right hand drive manual Mini. Not after she helps to rewire all the electrical, though. 

1972 Morris Mini aka “Sage”

Family Goals

We can see how important family is to Angelo. It truly inspires us that whether it’s cars or something else, finding a cool passion that everyone in the family can partake in will strengthen the family bond. But in this case since it is cars, Angelo gets the “Coolest Dad” award.


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  1. Arsh

    Hi Sung huge fan, I wanted to show u my R34 GTR in Canada and see your feedback for what ive done to it so far and what i should do to it in the future. Love podcasts very entertaining and informative.