Your Car My Car: Finding Peace in Our Passions

It’s all just so hard. We have student debt, stressful jobs, family obligations… and now COVID-19 has thrown us all into a tailspin. When life gets overwhelming, we sometimes need to refocus our energy to find peace in our passions.

For all the heroes – our doctors, nurses, and medical professionals on the frontlines of this pandemic – now is the time for battle. For all the rest of us who are doing our part by self-isolating, it’s a time for reconnection.

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Those of us sheltering at home are finding new ways to connect with each other. Whether it’s the people of Italy singing to each other from their windows, or residential streets chalked with prayers and loving affirmations, human ingenuity will not be quashed in the face of this crisis.

“This is an opportunity to take something so dire, so scary, and extract something positive,” says Sung Kang on his podcast, Sung’s Garage. He continues, “People are reconnecting with their hobbies and finding the good in it.”

Sung recently zoomed with Joey @joeyluna_rdms and Jessie @partsgoddess to talk about their common passion. Jessie, Joey, and Sung all just so happen to love their babies.


2008 350z NismoJoey’s baby is his 2008 350z Nismo. “There are certain things about this car that make you know it’s something special,” says Joey. Only 1,600 models were manufactured, and Joey has #0812 – a badge on the center console confirms it.

Under the hood, the Nismo boasts a VQ35HR engine that revs up to 7500 rpm. Mods include dual AEM intakes, Concept Z Performance upper and lower radiator hoses, Tanabe exhaust, and Yamaha performance damper.

When Sung asked Joey his baby’s name, Joey admitted his Nismo didn’t have one, so Jessie came up with this dime:

“Audrey. As in Audrey Hepburn – My Fair Lady – sleek and pretty, but lethal.”

Joey naturally loved the name.


Your Car My Car: Finding Peace in Our PassionsAngus is Jessie’s baby, a patinaed 1960 Ford F100 who looks like he has a thousand stories to tell. With a 223 “straight-6” engine and Holley glass-bowl single barrel carburetor, Angus has plenty of torque and just as much character.

“He’s still telling me what he wants,” says Jessie. “Some cars need to stay what they are and some need to be elevated.” The velour and vinyl seat may stay just the way it is, but Jessie has plans for a large rear window that will wrap around the corners of the cab. And Angus must have asked for a pair of Hella fog lights.

“Do you know how fast the speed of light is?” Jessie asked. “Hella.”


1963 Datsun L320 OppaOppa, in Korean, means older brother, and the name fits this 1963 Datsun L320. The quirks of Sung’s current obsession are endless, but we’ll start with a manufacturing error, the backwards 80 on the speedometer, which he loves so much that he’s going to keep it.

The E1 engine requires a manual crank starter and Oppa’s modest 60-horsepower is celebrated as a badge of honor on the truck’s front fender. A locking antenna, the original 320 gas tank, and a smuggler’s box in the cab make Oppa an unforgettable older brother.

“What’s cool is it’s just a blank canvas,” says Sung. “People might ask ‘why would you spend your time on a piece of junk?’ Exactly! Why not?”

Finding Peace in Our Passions

What makes you light up? What’s that thing you love, maybe bordering on obsession, that electrifies your soul, makes your heart sing?

What’s that thing you do that makes the rest of the world disappear?

“This is just something I want to put my energy into,” says Joey. “I destress when I come into my garage and clean the car even though it’s already clean… throw on another layer of wax, throw on my headphones, and I’m at peace.”

And that’s a little bit of what we all need right now – serenity, even if only temporarily, to keep us sane and grounded. To find peace in our passions.

Sung adds, “Most of the questions of life we already have the answers to. Sometimes we just need quiet time to be in our dojo to get answers from our cars.”

Thank You for Reading!

As always, we hope you and your loved ones are doing well during these hard times. Please share with us how you are finding peace in your passions, hobbies, creative work, or whatever it is you’re doing to remain centered. We hope to hear from you in the comments below.


  1. It really is a beautiful text, thanks Sung’s Garage. Even with this sudden paralysis we had, I didn’t stop to look at my hobby, I don’t even know if I have had it for years
    When you say in the text – What do you do that makes the rest of the world disappear? I wouldn’t know how to answer …
    When you say – Sometimes, we just need quiet time to be in our dojo to get answers. I really need this. thanks for helping me to see what I was not seeing.
    Thank you for your help

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