Your Car My Car: Humility Builds Community
Written by Alex Harrington


Humility Builds Community

Daniel Wu survives ruptured appendix

Daniel Wu survives ruptured appendix

In March of 2019, actor, director, producer, and famed martial artist Daniel Wu nearly died. After eating a meal, he began to vomit. Chalking it up to food poisoning, he thought his condition would pass with a bit of rest. But as his symptoms worsened, he was rushed to the hospital. An emergency surgery was performed the same day to treat his ruptured appendix.

“If I waited one more day I would have died,” Daniel shared. “I realized from this experience that as I got older, I plateaued on learning new things. The lesson is: don’t be complacent.”

A brush with death suddenly puts things into perspective. We see with a new clarity what’s important and what’s inconsequential.

Your Tribe, My Tribe

The tribalist instinct has existed since the dawn of civilization and continues to rear its ugly head today in 2020. But at the end of the day, how important is it in the car community that we defend our respective territories?

Sung recently zoomed with Daniel Wu, Jess, and Meagan to chat about cars. In Part 1 of the podcast, Daniel shares with us “Shelly”, his 1961 Lincoln Continental. A thematic thread that runs through the conversation is that humility builds community.

The world of car building is mainly made up of testosterone-fueled bros who want to prove they’re the fastest. It’s no real mystery that this hyper-competitive mindset leads to territorialism. But do these primal drives undermine the real reason why we get together in the garage in the first place?

Express Your Passion

There are so many ways to build a car and every way is right. Individuality is what car builds are all about, however, what about the one thing we all have in common?

Passion is the force that holds it all together. If you approach the car community wearing your passion on your sleeve and leaving your ego at the door, then we get down to business and turn dreams into reality.

A beautiful build can break down barriers. When a car is visually arresting nobody’s thinking about anything else. The passion of the builder shines through and that’s when connections are made.

Humility Builds Community

People laugh at Sung’s Oppa because there are so many zip-ties holding it together. But you know what? This car build was a learning experience for him. Trial and error. Getting in there and making mistakes.

At the end of the day, we are all human and we can’t hide behind our cars. As a matter of fact, nothing material in this world is more powerful than spirit.

No matter what you want to be a part of, whether it’s your local car club or an industry or an organization, approach people with a spirit of passion and humility. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You’ll make friends in no time.


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