Your Car My Car: Slow is the New Fast

Daniel Wu joins Sung on Your Car My Car and gives us a tour of his 1961 Lincoln Continental “Shelly”

Slow is the New Fast

Daniel Wu, Into the Badlands
Daniel Wu, Into the Badlands

Car builds are intimidating. If you approach your project with the typical corporate mindset of fast, furious, and fatigued, you’ll make needless mistakes that magnify the labor of the job. Slow is the new fast when it comes to wrenching. Approach your build with the eye of a painter and the patience of a monk.

Instant gratification is the hallmark of the current generation: instant results, instant fame, instant love. We are addicted to stacking those dopamine hits right on top of each other and documenting them in our Instagrams.

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Unfortunately, Instagram bends reality by showing only end results, not the process of how to achieve those ends. We need to slow down and operate with a process-oriented mindset if we truly want to achieve wrenching bliss.

The Philosophy of Daniel Wu

Sung recently Zoomed with actor, director, and producer, Daniel Wu. Featured in more than 60 films both in Asia and America, Daniel has most recently starred in the 2018 Tomb Raider and AMC’s Into the Badlands. Set for release in 2021, Daniel will feature alongside Hugh Jackman in sci-fi thriller Reminiscence directed by Westworld showrunner Lisa Joy.

Daniel may play a badass martial artist on the big-screen. But in real life he’s a humble family man with a passion for cars. Several of his builds have been featured at the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas.

Though Daniel admits he’s impatient by nature, he impresses the philosophy of Bruce Lee to “be like water” to flow around obstacles.

“You need to give the room,” Daniel says. Whether he’s homeschooling his young daughter during shelter-in-place, or acting in a scene, the same mindset should be employed when approaching a car build. Every problem simply takes time to solve. Slow is the new fast.


Jess and her sister Meagan also joined Sung and Daniel on the Zoom call. They were all excited to get a tour of Shelly, Daniel’s black cherry 1961 Lincoln Continental.

1961 Lincoln Continental “Shelly”

This car has a macabre place in American history – it’s the very make and model in which President Kennedy was assassinated. First impressions, however, would not give an onlooker a sense of tragedy. This car is a stunning, head-turning masterpiece of design and engineering.

Daniel’s daughter, who named the car Shelly, was the impetus for acquiring the car because she wondered why dad didn’t own any convertibles. When Daniel first laid eyes on this boat of a car, he knew he had to have it.

Slow is the New Fast

In a day and age where everybody wants everything yesterday, slowing down is a revolutionary act. Life is best enjoyed when reveling in the journey.

Meagan, who is 21-years old, started working on cars at an early age. By 8-years old she was making more money than her fellow wrenchers who were grown men. A woman wise beyond her years (and who definitely knows more about hotrods than you), Meagan says:

“My sister and I were taught the respect about how much time, and how much effort, and how much you needed to know to get that good. Even if we don’t know something, we know that it takes time to do it. Cars are art. Even if a certain car is not your style, it’s still an art, and it takes a lot of work to do well.”

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