Your Car My Car: The Mr. Miyagi of the 240Z
Written by Alex Harrington

While on location filming F9 in the UK, Sung took a 4 hour drive north to the industrial town of Bradford. Sung followed Rahail and his 240Z builds on Instagram and felt as if he needed to visit a “cousin I’ve never met.”  They soon discovered that their passion and adoration for old Japanese cars was the beginning of a long friendship.


Now in this post-covid world, Sung does a deep-dive with Rahail via Zoom to talk about the history of MZR Roadsports, what attracted him to the 240Z in the first place, and an in-depth look at a very rare g-nose 240Z.

“…people ask me why the MZR cars are as special as they are.  Why do they drive different?  And I honestly think that it all starts at the very beginning with the people who make the cars, respecting each skill-set and working together.  As cheesy as it sounds, it’s a proper family.”

Rahail’s love affair with the 240Z started when he saw one featured in a magazine advertisement in 2002.  The long hood and curvy back reminded him of a “mini-Mustang.”  There are very few 240Zs in the UK because of the high import tax and probably because Jaguars were more appealing to European buyers.  So it wasn’t until 2007 when Rahail was actually was able to import one from California. 

THE GOOD NEWS: the car had no bad angles.

THE BAD NEWS: no one in the UK could restore it.

Rumor had it there was a expat from the UK living in France that worked on Datsun Z’s.  His name was Martin Ryland.  Rahail brought the car to France, and very quickly realized Martin’s unbelievable skill set.  Several 240Z restorations later, Rahail and Martin decided to make their partnership official and MZR Roadsports was born. 

Rahail then gives us an a tour of his daily driver: an extremely rare G-Nose 240Z.  Only about 1000 of these cars were made.  This beauty features the extended nose cone, factory fender flares, genuine Nissan competition seats, a triple carburetor and an aftermarket orange air box that I guarantee you’ve never seen before.


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