Your Car My Car: The Past and Future of the 240Z

Sung and Jess get a virtual tour of the MZR Roadsports warehouse from co-founder Rahail Tariq

LAL 909K — the working class hero

Before Rahail Tariq, MZR’s visionary director (as Sung calls him) gives Sung and Jess an inspiring tour of the warehouse, he shares one of the most epic stories you’ll ever hear about a 240Z.

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In the 1970’s, the European world championships were typically dominated by cars like the Porsche 935.  But, a local favorite was a 240Z with the license plate LAL 909K.  One of the reasons this car was so beloved was because while most high-end cars came to the track in large transporters, this little 240Z would actually drive to the race, compete, then drive home.  This car epitomized the working class hero.

Even though LAL 909K never won, things got a little interesting in 1977 at the Brands Hatch circuit in the UK.  It was raining which worked to the 240Z’s advantage because it handled so well in bad weather.  On that fateful day, a David vs Goliath story was starting to play out as the 240Z climbed up to the 6th position.

Porsche had a lot of influence in the racing world and rumor has it they were scared that this underdog had the potential to win.  So lo and behold, the race was stopped early because of “bad rain.”  Come on!  It makes you wonder what the outcome could’ve been if the race was allowed to continue…

That very car that almost took the Chequered Flag in 1977 is now sitting in the MZR’s warehouse for an eventual restoration.  And the story of how Rahail found and purchased the car is just as wild as the story at Brands Hatch.

The conversation then turns to what MZR is doing today with their 240Z’s and Rahail goes into depth showing Sung and Jess the craftsmanship that goes into their stunning restorations.

It is, in a nutshell “Japanese Automative Art.”

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