Your Car My Car: The Value of Sharing

There are days when we aren’t feeling so tough. When we’re not staying strong. Times when we are lost, scared, hopeless – and answers remain elusive. In these most vulnerable moments, it’s important to remember the things that ground us. Get back down to basics and realize the value of sharing.

Sharing is a simple act – just make the intention to reach out and then have the courage to surrender ego to allow for a natural, genuine, authentic connection. In the midst of COVID-19, the simple act of sharing could literally save a life.

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What is the Value of Sharing?

Mental health has become overshadowed by the worries of physical health and financial health. But we can’t forget that so many of us who are forced to shelter at home do so alone. Loneliness tends toward depression. Depression could lead to addiction. We are social animals wired for human interaction: face-to-face conversation, sharing a few laughs, touching, and hugging. Self-quarantine is taking these vital experiences away from many people.

More than any other time in human history now is the time for sharing. We have the capability – now we need the courage.

“Today is just a fucked up day,” says Sung in the latest episode of Your Car My Car on his multimedia platform Sung’s Garage. “I’m not feeling tough. I have no answers. I’m scared, lost, and feeling hopeless.”

On a day where he could’ve just as easily curled up in bed, Sung decided to reach out to a couple of his dearest friends, Mac and Roger, to share cars with each other over Zoom.

“We need to send our positive energy to people who are really suffering right now,” says Sung.


Sung Kang, Roger Fan, McCaleb Burnett
Mac shows off his CD-player.

McCaleb Burnett is an actor living in New York known for his roles in Fast & Furious, The Revenant, and Daredevil. Mac’s initial plan was to share his mean-looking truck, Maxine, but Sung convinced him to give us a tour of Alice instead, the 2002 champagne Toyota Corolla.

This 1.6 liter, 4-cylinder, CD-playing Old Faithful, at 138,000 miles, is a car that just won’t quit. “When we have more than two guys in here, there’s not exactly a lot of pick up, but she will drive forever,” says Mac.


Since we last caught up with Sung’s Oppa, the 1963 Datsun L320, he’s sanded the gray paint off its hood to reveal the original white underneath. “This car represents the positive things I’ve done during this shitty time.”

Sung went on to say, “I want to keep the original engine in Oppa so I can teach people the fundamentals about how cars work and how to really drive them.” Sung’s “Big Brother” will be a teaching tool that he can share with today’s generation of drivers.

2018 Honda Odyssey Touring

Sung Kang, Roger Fan, McCaleb Burnett
Recaro car seats – Yes!

Based in L.A., Roger Fan is unforgettable in the classic film Better Luck Tomorrow and Annapolis. Now that he’s a family man and relinquished his precious Porsche 911, he’s happier than ever with his supremely spacious minivan.

“This thing has a monster amount of storage,” Roger boasts. With room for eight passengers, Recaro car seats, and 14 (maybe 18?!) cupholders the elbow room in this beauty is no joke.

Sung says, “The minivan is way cooler than the 911, dude. That’s what a car is all about – it’s supposed to be shared – the memories we share together.”

The Value of Sharing

Finishing the Game
Sung, Mac, and Roger in Finishing the Game

Sometimes we feel like we don’t have anything to share. Or that the things we want to share wouldn’t have any value for anyone else. Though it’s normal to feel that way, you need to step outside your comfort zone, put yourself out there, and share courageously.

Please reach out to people you know are alone. Now is a time when sharing could really make a profound impact on someone who is missing human contact. None of us have superpowers, but we all have the power to make a simple choice to connect.

Thank You For Reading!

From everyone at Sung’s Garage we wish you strength, courage, and good health.

As always, we send our love and prayers to everyone in the medical profession – doctors, nurses, and first-responders – the boots on the ground fighting this pandemic head-on: THANK YOU.

Life in the Time of Quarantine means ANIMAL CROSSING

1963 Datsun L320 Oppa

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