Your Car My Car: What Makes a Movie Car Iconic

Check out Part 2 of Sung’s conversation with good friend, premiere car collector and host of THE CAR CRASHERS, Jeff Allen.

Before Jeff shares with Sung and close friend David Chan several of his prized possessions in his 30,000 square foot Albuquerque compound, they ask him to solve a bet.  David never buys gas at an AMPM Arco station because he feels like it’s “cheap gas.”  On the other hand, Sung doesn’t think it makes a difference.

Luckily for them, Jeff had a very passionate answer.  In a nutshell: “hell yes it makes a difference!”

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Jeff shares a story from THE CAR CRASHERS where they had to fire up 1967 big block Camaro.  They sent a production assistant to go buy five gallons of premium grade gasoline.  The Camaro started, but when they shut it down it started dieseling.  Jeff was certain that a lower octane gas was the culprit.  He was showed the receipt: it was in fact premium grade, but bought at a convenience store gas station.  That same production assistant was sent out again, this time to a reputable gas station.  He bought the premium grade, and lo and behold, no more dieseling.  So there ya go, mystery solved.  Jeff does go on to say that using a low grade gasoline won’t hurt your car engine in the short term, but long term use will result in engine deposits.

Jeff then gets to the goods.  He gives Sung and David a tour of a 675 horsepower 1963 Ford Falcon with a Stage 3 Supercharger and the interior of a 2014 Mustang.  This beauty was featured in HOBBS & SHAW.

He then moves onto a 1956 Corvette from FORD VS. FERRARI and explains to David why the heck there’s tape over the headlights. 

Sung’s already in the know…in fact, he did the same thing to Oppa’s fog light!

The conversation turns philosophical as Sung asks why certain movie cars become iconic and other ones we completely overlook.  As usual, Jeff has an in-depth answer where he references The FAST & FURIOUS films, BULLITT, CHRISTINE, ANIMAL HOUSE and a lesser known gem: CORVETTE SUMMER.

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